Behind the Scenes

To build an iTour program we need information from the client. For graphics, it's best if we can get the highest resolution graphics possible. In the table below are our recommended formats.

SectionArt Requirements
Builder Story or About The Builder
  1. Plain Text File
  2. Adobe Illustrator (AI) Format
Area Map - Basic
  1. Adobe Illustrator (AI) Format
Area Map - Interactive
  1. Adobe Illustrator (AI) Format
  2. Plain Text File or Excel File with List
  3. Hi-Res jpeg files of Amenities (ie Picture of Front of School or Museum)
Floor plans/Floor plans with Options
  1. Adobe Illustrator (AI) Format
  2. PDF with Layers
  1. TIFF file
  2. Uncompressed Photoshop (PSD) Format
Features List
  1. Plain Text File
  2. Adobe Illustrator (AI) Format
Site Plan
  1. Adobe Illustrator (AI) Format
  2. We need to know if the Future Phases are revealed or covered.
  3. Would the client like the Phases with or without lot lines?
  4. Would the client lie to have Footprints or dots or other items on the sitemap?
  5. Sequence Sheets - Excel Spread Sheet Preferred
  1. Adobe Illustrator (AI) Format
Disclaimer Copy
  1. Plain Text file
Design Guide
  1. The Design Guide and Project Logo provide some direction. If possible a copy or PDF of the company brochure and/or other color information related to marketing. Anything Visual that may provice direction to match your company or project branding.

Time Line

The time required to recieve all assets and subsquent approvals of layout submittals is a critical and integral part of the overall product standard delivery/installation time frame.

MSI's deliver schedule quote of 30 business days is based on the following time frames:

Contract signed, deposit received and all assets provided Days 1 - 4
IDP template designed and sent to client for approval Days 5 - 7
Client approves template Day 8 - 9
Art preparation of client approved assets Day 10 - 15
Client provided IDP pages for approval and revisions Day 16 - 19
Client final sign-off of all pages Day 20
IDP Programming by iTOUR Day 21 - 29
Delivery Day 30

Each additional day the receipt of assets or approval of submittals is extended beyond the above schedule will result in a corresponding extension in the Delivery/Installation timeframe.

*Assets receved in formats other than that specified will require additional time and fees to re-format.

Lot Editor

Step 1. Select Phase or Lot

Step 2. Make an Update

Step 3. Update Complete. Repeat if necessary.

Click the thumbnails above to see more details. Click here to try it out!

Step 1. On the first screen easily change the phase or select a unit. To change the phase, select the next phase from the pulldown menu, the click "Update Phase". This will reveal more available units. Otherwise Select a lot to make an update. Either Select a lot from the map or use the pulldown menu next to "Select Lot". This will show an update form for this lot. In this example we will select Lot 12 from the pulldown and move to step 2.

Step 2. On this screen select the status of the unit. In most cases you will be changing Available to Sold in the Status menu. Other common updates include changing the price or listing special options which may have been added to this home, such as a covered patio. If the price is left to 0, a message such as "See your sales associate for details" will be displayed. Once the desired updates have been made, click Update to make the change to the database.

In examples such as this sitemap where the home's footprint is included, changing the plan will only change the text that is displayed when the lot is selected. Changing the footprint will require the artwork be updated. The ability to change the footprint of the home in the lot editor is an advanced feature which can be included but in most cases, this has already been established by the builder.

Step 3.When the database has been updated the sitemap will be reshown and will display the updated information.